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Butter Lab Results

View the Cannabinoid Makeup for Your Cannabis Edible

In an effort to better educate our customers we have created this page so you can identify the butter used in your treat and see the cannabinoid breakdown for that batch of butter in 2 easy steps.

1)      Identify the butter used in your treat:  To do this check the lot number for your treat.  It will either be in the white Lot Number box on the label or embossed in the final seal of the package.  It will be 2 alpha characters, a dash or period and then 3 alpha characters.  Our 1st batch was AA-AAA.  The 1st 2 alpha characters indicate the batch of butter used. In this case “AA”

2)      Look up that batch of butter from the links below to see the cannabinoid breakdown and associated pie chart to visually see breakdown as provided by CW Analytical Laboratories.  Our partner in providing safe cannabis edibles.