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The Bud Barber Topicals

The Bud Barber Topicals

Our goal is to provide acute pain relief and healing with Bud Barber Topical products. After investing 2 years in R&D, we developed a rich blend of Cannibidiol (CBD). The Bud Barber Topicals provide approximately 4 hours of pain relief, no recreational high, and can be applied anywhere the body is experiencing pain.

Therapeutic CBD Cream
10mg CBD / .0002%THC
2 FL. OZ./59 ml


300 milligrams of THC per 4oz jar!


Bud Barber Brownies

The Bud Barber Fudge Brownies!

The Bud Barber’s Fudge Brownies are delicious!
The Bud Barber offers a medicinal fudge treat with a white chocolate drizzle!
Large Brownies are 360mg.


Brownie Bites

The Bud Brownie Bites have the same great taste of the Bud Barber Brownie with bite size dosage and cost!
The Brownie bites come in 120mg and 60mg.

Try one of these fine products at your nearest provider.

Check out our Fudge Brownie with a white chocolate drizzle!

The Brownie bites come in 120mg and 60mg.


Fruity Crispy

A crispy treat bursting with fruit flavor with a white and yellow chocolate drizzle! (Gluten Free)

Canna Crispy

A traditional crispy treat with dark chocolate drizzle! (Gluten Free)

OG Bar

A crispy treat with our own hand made carmel, dark chocolate and a white chocolate drizzle! (Gluten Free)

Bud Bites

Small Action Packed Bites!


Chocolate Chip

Try our original Chocolate Chip Cookie. Its where we started! (109 Calories)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

That Oatmeal taste you gotta have! (103 Calories)


Mmmmmm Sugar Cookies! (103 calories)

Suckers & Bud Bites

Grape Drink

Bringing back that childhood grape drink memory!

Strawberry Banana

A great taste combination to satisfy your taste buds

Root Beer

Tastes just a like a root beer soda!


For that old fashioned Butterscotch taste!

Orange Creamsicle

The only thing missing is the ice-cream!